Dewy makeup may be back — but consumers aren’t quite yet trading out the goth-girl glamour of this past winter.

Eye shadow sales made using digital payment platform Afterpay have grown 39 percent year-over-year, with sales of purple eyeshadow in particular growing 474 percent.

Afterpay’s in-house fashion psychologist, Shakaila Forbes-Bell, linked the trend to the persisting influence of Netflix’s limited series, “Wednesday,” which aired last November starring fledgling “It” girl Jenna Ortega in the titular role of Wednesday Addams.

“There’s so much psychology behind why people feel that draw to emulate the characters that they love on screen, but also, people are hardwired to be attracted toward nonconformity —which Wednesday Addams represents,” said Forbes-Bell of the continuing phenomenon.

On the other hand, a juxtaposing dewy makeup aesthetic is also on the rise; Afterpay reported sales of highlighters are up 800 percent year-over-year, and liquid blush has taken hold as the single most-purchased product using that platform in March, with other components to the glowy look, such as lip oils and bronzer sticks, trailing closely behind.

Afterpay’s 10 most-purchased beauty products in March:

  1. Liquid blush
  2. Skin firming cream
  3. Lip oil
  4. Foundation
  5. Retractable brow pencil
  6. Women’s perfume
  7. Bronzer stick
  8. Primer and setting spray
  9. Men’s cologne
  10. Lip balm

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