On Sunday, influencer and Anything Goes host Emma Chamberlain made her second trip to the Vanity Fair Oscar Party, but she admitted she was feeling a little trepidation. “It’s actually weird because I feel like I didn’t used to get nervous at all. And then now I’m starting to get more nervous, and I’m like, How is that fair?” she told Vanity Fair. “You wanna, like, put on a cool look and serve it up. It’s almost like, weirdly, a performance.” She decided to limit her liquid intake because her dress was “virtually un-peeable” and she didn’t want to ask for bathroom help, having previously assisted someone else at the Met Gala.

The getting-ready process began with a sheet mask. “I don’t want greasy bangs, so I have to get them out of my face,” she said, putting on a headband. “This is amazing, this is amazing. I can’t even express to you how good this feels.” 

She wore a sheer blue gown with shoulder cutouts from KNWLS and jewels by Cartier to the party. “The shape of it feels very modern to me,” she said of her dress. “It’s very new, but it’s also [not] doing too much.” She said her stylist, Jared Ellner, is crucial to her getting-ready process, from making sure she doesn’t commit any on-camera faux pas to settling debates about her hairstyle. “I wanted it down, he wanted it up,” she explained. “He won—and he was right. I love you, Jared.”

“I’ve done a handful of carpets in my life at this point, and this is also my second Vanity Fair, so I know the situation. Okay, you walk in, you wait in line to get your photos taken. There’s three dots on the floor. You stand at one, do your poses. Stand at the second one, do your poses. Stand at the third, you guessed it, do your poses,” she said. “Then you’re done-zo.” Then she can “loosen” her dress and get ready to party.

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