“I am Megan Fox,” said Megan Fox by way of introduction to the cameras in her dressing room ahead of the Vanity Fair Oscars night party. “Although you might not realize that because of my hair.” 

Gone was her signature raven mane, and in its place was something altogether Fox-ier—hair the color of copper. 

Fox told V.F. that she drew Sunday night’s look from Greek mythology, especially Persephone’s annual escape from Hades.

 “If all the fire and brimstone from hell was in your hair and you were the Queen of the Underworld,” Fox posed. “What would you look like walking the red carpet?”

The dreamy, dark Underworld dress is by Miss Sohee Couture, chosen because it “was giving, I don’t know, a new girl—with red hair,” according to her stylist Maeve Reilly. The shoes are Piferi platforms. 

Finally, Fox’s look seems to say, spring may commence (thank goddess.) 

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