Femininity is one of Abel López’s design signatures. But how does one make supersonic space clothes feel feminine and chic? By tempering the outerspace influences with cinematic glamour. Princess coats, maxi skirts, and tailored suits evoked the romanticized future of Eero Saarinen’s TWA terminal at JFK.

Space Age vibes were apparent in a column dress in red and black, and the baby blue shirt that included a cape in its structure. Zooming in on the coats, especially the version in wool camel, one could see origami-esque details reminiscent of aircraft wings.

Deconstruction is another focal point of Lopez’s work. “I always try to use silhouettes that are familiar to people. I work from there and try to give [each piece] a new connotation,” he said. A sleeveless trench coat over a blue and white striped shirt makes the case as does a flowing white shirt featuring an undone smoking tie worn with darted pants. “Deconstruct to construct,” he added.

It was clear from the start that he was working in his comfort zone. “There’s something about making clothes for the winter season that feels more elegant,” he said.

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