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May 5, 2023

Colombian designer Esteban Cortázar has announced on May 4 his latest fashion and merchandising collaboration with the Parisian football team Paris Saint Germain, which he has named “París Latino”. Cortázar describes the collection as a delightful fusion of his Colombian roots, his life in Miami, and his chosen home, Paris.

The Colombian designer has launched a collaboration with Paris Saint Germain – Esteban Cortazar X PSG

The collaborative collection was designed by Cortázar, but it was also created in partnership with Chilean designer Mario Faundez of Studio El Guerrero, the Colombian collective Popular de Lujo, and El Salvador-based brand Sequence, which works with single mothers and artisans.

The collaboration features T-shirts, hoodies, shorts, shirts, and accessories with embroidery, patchwork, prints, and other unique details that reflect the cultural fusion of the cities and countries involved in the project, as well as the iconic Eiffel Tower and Spanish words.

The summer collection is now available for purchase at Paris Saint Germain’s online store, as well as in the team’s stores located in the United States, France, Asia, Qatar, and the 574 Lab store in Medellin, Colombia, as confirmed by the organisation.

The campaign for the collaboration was carried out in Miami, the city where Cortázar was born and raised and where he recently signed a collaboration with the city’s ballet.

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