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May 4, 2023

Market stalls and sunshades are out in force at Le Bon Marché. The Parisian department store has transformed its chic interiors into a summer market, part of a new commercial campaign called ‘Les Bons Marché de L’été’ which started on April 29 and will continue until June 18. The mood is laid-back and cheery, with Parisian label Sézane centre-stage as special guest.

Essentials for a summer outing – Le Bon Marché

Sézane, founded by Morgane Sézalory in 2013, is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a special showcase on all the department store’s floors, from the ground floor to the skylights. The label is presenting its new premium ready-to-wear line, designed for special occasions and called Sézane Editions, as well as previewing Les Composantes, a range of home decoration objects.

Le Bon Marché

Sézane is set to enter the beauty segment, and is now showcasing collaborations with Brazilian label Farm Rio and with Sea New York, while the men’s collection, Octobre Editions, is promoted via an ad-hoc pop-up store.

There also is a refreshments area, the Café Tapisserie, while the department store’s various entrances are hosting a card shop and a lottery stall, decorated with the Sézane logo.

A lamp, cushions and candle by Les Composantes, Sézane’s home decoration line – DR

Inside Le Bon Marché, striped canvas awnings decorate an array of replica market stalls, and add to the rural atmosphere created by trailers, crates and baskets.

Other brands besides Sézane are taking part in Le Bon Marché’s summer market with their own seasonal products, some exclusive to Le Bon Marché and some not, such as sunglasses by Barnes Rendel, shopping totes by Gambade, swimwear by Vilebrequin, life rings by Petites Pommes, long dresses by Ulla Johnson and bracelets by Parabaya.

The beauty section – Le Bon Marché

There is a beauty section too, featuring the preview launch of Acqua di Parma’s new summer fragrance, a citrusy scent called Arancia La Spugnatura, while cosmetics brand Fresh is presenting a series of products promising a glowing summer complexion.

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