L’Oréal Paris is expanding its reach — and talent roster.

The brand is inaugurating its L’Oréal Paris League Of Experts, a makeup artistry talent collective comprised of three initial members: Allan Avendaño, Claudia Betancur and Erica Taylor.

“We’ve recognized that consumers are more diverse than ever before, the way we speak to consumers is much more fragmented — it’s caused us to rethink how can we evolve our relationships with makeup artists to to speak to consumers in a more relevant way,” said Ali Goldstein, L’Oréal Paris U.S. brand president.

The brand was drawn to each of the League’s initial members for their digital finesse and unique reach, which will aid in bringing L’Oréal Paris products, tutorials and engaging social content to as many audiences as possible.

“Historically, we have, for the most part, had one makeup artist at a time that has been a lead; the key to this initiative was finding three fantastic individuals who each bring something special, and collectively create this amazing package of makeup artists,” said Goldstein.

Kicking off the initiative, Avendaño will join L’Oréal Paris as an on-site makeup artist for the brand’s U.S. guests at the Cannes Film Festival, taking place from May 16 through May 27. The artists will also be harnessed for other red carpet and influencer events, in addition to bolstering the brand’s social media presence.

L’Oréal Paris’ commitment to inclusivity and diversity were among the chief qualities that drew each of the league’s initial members to the brand.

“As a teen from Queens, New York, L’Oréal was my first real makeup in high school; [this is] full circle for me — I am excited to use my platform and L’Oréal to teach more women about attainable luxury,” said Taylor.

Added Avendaño: “My vision for being a part of the League of Experts is to continue to champion inclusivity and bring a fresh take on how makeup can enrich people’s lives and empower them.” 

L’Oréal Paris will further develop the league’s talent in the coming months, guided by its mission of uplifting artists and empowering consumers through creativity and makeup.

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