When you say something sucks, it’s usually a bad thing. But that’s not the case with Amazon’s suction vibrators. In fact, in their inventory are some of the most viral sex toys on the market, simply because they do their jobs a little too well. These suction vibrators know how to suck and suck good, stimulating clitorises across the globe, and orgasmically blissed out customers want you to know about that… explicitly. From the Tracy’s Dog OG, which apparently requires a thorough pre-and post-stretching regime to the Satisfyer Pro 2, which made someone feel like they might need an exorcism, these suction vibrators have become cult-favorites due to their over-the-top reviews. Ahead, check out the 17 top-rated suction vibrators on Amazon that don’t suck at all, according to some pretty enthused shoppers.

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