Smart babes always budget

Sure, all the dupes on this list cost hundreds to thousands of dollars less than RH’s cloud bed, but they are still an investment. Consider how much you are willing to pay before you break out your credit card. Many retailers offer monthly payments for big purchases, which hurts a hell of a lot less than dropping all the cash at once. (Just make sure you do your research first, and ensure that you can pay it back.)

Also, I am a big fan of the very mathematical equation “cost per sleep.” So, yes, although you may spend a decent chunk of change at once, when you break the cost down per sleep, that $1,500 dream bed runs you less than a dollar per sleep assuming you have it for the next five years. I love being a woman in STEM.

Make sure to measure twice

Because of the low profile and all-around rail that cloud beds have become famous for, you will want to make sure your mattress can properly fit into your new bed frame. Take advantage of customer reviews and get that measuring tape out so you can be certain that your cloud bed will comfortably accommodate your mattress.

Consider the upholstery

Like to drink red wine in bed? Parent to a cat that thinks all surfaces are for scratching? Or maybe like to get a little messy in the bedroom from time to time (*wink wink*)? Then the classic all-white frame might not be the best upholstery option for you, which is totally okay! There are plenty of options that can withstand spills, pets, and day-to-day wear. So, make sure you pick a color and fabric type that will work for your lifestyle.

Build smarter, not harder

Moving furniture is a major pain in the ass. And despite looking uber dreamy, lugging such a large bed frame into a different room (or house) is def gonna test your patience. Make sure you have enough room to build your new cloud bed in a long-term location. If you are looking to avoid the heavy lifting, go with a lightweight option like the one from SoftFrame that slips over your current box spring.

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