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May 26, 2023

French niche perfumery brand Parfums de Marly has established a foothold on the USA’s West Coast. After opening in New York, the brand has inaugurated in mid-May a 175-square-metre boutique in Beverly Hills, an uber-chic suburb of Los Angeles.

The Parfums de Marly boutique with new-look interiors

The interiors of Parfums de Marly’s Beverly Hills store feature the style and colours of the brand’s new retail concept, already introduced in Dubai and London, and designed, like the previous one, by Hubert de Malherbe. The concept combines the codes of a contemporary apartment with the atmosphere of an 18th century castle: deconstructed mouldings, Versailles parquet floor with oak marquetry and golden accents, and a modern re-edition of a classic chandelier.

Parfums de Marly, which in 2022 generated a revenue of €262 million, equivalent to a 51% increase, also operates stores in New York and Paris. The latter store, currently at 26 rue Cambon, will soon move to 326 rue Saint-Honoré, next to the Dior flagship, and will also feature the new concept.

Before the end of 2023, Parfums de Marly is also set to open stores in Sydney and Shanghai. The brand is in fact present also in China, and two months ago it picked local singer and actor Theo Zhu as ambassador.

Parfums de Marly was founded by Julien Sprecher in 2009 and belongs to the Sprecher Berrier group, an independent company whose portfolio includes high-end fragrance brand Initio Parfums Privés, and which distributes other niche fragrance brands.

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