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Sep 4, 2023

Garnier, one of the mainstays of the L’Oréal group’s consumer products division, has a new leader, Marc Baland. Formerly the global head of brand experience at Garnier, Baland succeeds Adrien Koskas, who had held this post since July 2019.

Marc Baland – LinkedIn

Before joining global beauty giant L’Oréal, Baland worked as a store manager for Nike and Gap. In 2007, he became marketing project manager at Lascad, L’Oréal’s mass-market distribution company featuring brands like Mixa, Dop, Narta, Mennen and Cadum, which in 2016 was incorporated in the group’s consumer products division.

Baland then held various posts as head of marketing within the group, notably at Garnier from 2014 to 2016. In July 2016, he was appointed head of marketing at Lascad, then, in 2017, he was appointed managing director of Lascad’s brands, and notably oversaw the launch of L’Oréal’s own brand La Provençale Bio. In 2019, he moved to Singapore to take charge of the South Asia region for Garnier. 

At the start of 2023, he became global head of brand experience at Garnier, masterminding the brand’s new partnership with the Heritage of Pride NGO. 

In 2022, Garnier, one of the brands of the L’Oréal group’s consumer products division alongside Nyx Cosmetics and L’Oréal Paris, reported its highest growth in 15 years, boosted especially by products like the micellar cleansing water and the vitamin C serum, and was one of the top contributors to the division’s growth. In 2022, the division recorded a 14.6% revenue rise, reaching €14 billion.

In recent years, Garnier has taken significant steps on the sustainability front, and in 2021 it was certified by the Cruelty Free International organisation. Garnier’s stated aim is to use zero virgin plastic for its products’ packaging by 2025. The brand is present in 64 countries, and has opened a plastic waste collection centre in Chennai, India, partnering with Plastics for Change.
Adrien Koskas has been appointed managing director of the group’s consumer goods division in the SAPMENA region, which includes South Asia, the Pacific rim, the Middle East and North Africa.

A graduate of the HEC business school, Koskas has worked at L’Oréal since 2005, and was the managing director of L’Oreal’s consumer products division for the UK and Ireland, before becoming global managing director of Garnier.

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