Aavrani has tapped a new collaborator for a new category.

The Ayurveda-inspired skin care brand is teaming with influencer Lilly Singh on a hair care range, which will debut at Sephora next Spring. The products will range in price from $30 to $50.

The collection has been roughly three years in the making, said Rooshy Roy, the brand’s founder. “I have always wanted to expand across skin, hair and eventually body care because Ayurveda is so all-encompassing in nature,” Roy said. “Especially with hair care, we reinvested a lot of revenue from our existing skin care business into extensive clinical trials that demonstrate formula efficacy and compete with a lot of science-backed hair care brands.”

After meeting Indian Canadian influencer Lilly Singh, Roy started collaborating with her on formulas and packaging. “We wanted to keep it super simple and create hair and scalp wellness products that people could easily understand and integrate into their existing routines while also sharing the benefits of what Ayurveda has to offer everyone,” Roy said.

Roy stayed mum on sales, but industry sources think the hair care will reach $10 million in net sales for its first year on the market.

Much like Aavrani’s skin care, the goal with hair care was to combine the best of western medicine with pillars of Ayurveda. Among the assortment will be a scalp oil based on the Ayurvedic tradition of scalp oiling, as well as a density-boosting treatment and a deep conditioning hair mask, each of which will boast clinical backing.

“It’s really up to you to create your own personal routine based on your lifestyle preferences,” Roy said. “The point is to access the best of what Ayurveda and modern science have to offer on your own terms.”

“For me personally, when my hair feels good, I feel good. And I’m not talking about styling, I’m talking about health. A dry scalp or dry strands literally impact how I feel about myself and my confidence level,” added Singh via email. “In my culture, healthy hair is a sign of wellness and we have historically nurtured this from a young age. Aavrani hair care is a blend of scientific excellence and cultural wisdom that recognizes the profound significance of caring for your hair that is deeply rooted in tradition.”

The brand’s value proposition seems to be resonating. “One of the things I’ve learned from our skin care business is that people are still extremely results-oriented,” Roy said. “While the culture and story and history of the brand is interesting and appealing to our customers, the first order of what they’re looking for is a product that works for them. So as we transition into our hair care business and become an overall beauty brand, I will reorient our messaging around the results you can expect from Ayurveda.”

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