Fresh from bankruptcy and tasked with the goal of reaching a younger, wider audience, Revlon’s namesake color cosmetics brand has named social media star Nailea Devora as a global ambassador.

The 21-year-old, who is the daughter of Mexican parents and grew up in El Paso, Texas, has amassed 19 million followers on social media since 2020 with her lifestyle and fashion content.

She is also no stranger to Revlon, having been introduced to the brand by her mom.

“I’ve been a longtime Revlon fan since I can remember. My mom has also been a longtime fan and can’t leave the house without wearing Revlon lipstick. When I got the call that I would be able to work with them, it just felt so surreal,” she told WWD.

As the latest face of the beauty brand, she’ll be appearing alongside its other ambassadors including Ashley Graham and Megan Thee Stallion, which she called an honor. “They are so iconic, and strong, powerful women.”

That will entail creating social media content across Revlon’s platforms, including Instagram and TikTok, in support of upcoming launches, as well as being featured on in-store displays starting this fall and will be part of Revlon’s digital media and advertising in 2024.

Maribelle Orengo, vice president of Revlon, said: “Our brand mission has always been to amplify voices, challenge convention, and break barriers, and we’re constantly looking to partner with changemakers and budding talent who are not afraid to take risks — which is exactly what we see in Nailea. Nailea not only embodies our brand values, but she represents two of our biggest growing consumer bases of Gen Z and Hispanic/Latin Americans. We’re excited to grow our Revlon family to be even more inclusive, diverse, and representative of all ages and backgrounds.”

She added that the fact that Devora has 8.9 million TikTok followers was a big attraction as the brand strives to be relevant.

“What does that mean today to be relevant is to really be in the digital social conversation. Nailea is first and foremost an amazing content creator as she’s digitally native so she can help us amplify the digital social Revlon in the digital social conversation,” she said.

After struggling with hefty pile of debt, Revlon officially emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy in June, with a new owner, new board and billions less in debt. Most recently, Debra Perelman stepped down from her role as president and chief executive officer and as a member of the board. While the search for a permanent successor continues, Elizabeth A. Smith has been appointed interim CEO.

Martine Williamson, chief marketing officer at Revlon, said: “We went through a filing and we’ve exited and we’re really financially stronger than ever. And with that comes really supercharging our brands and Revlon is such a behemoth of a brand and we’re really excited to continue to invest and bring in partners that really are authentic to who we are and who we’ve always been.”

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