Reebok has signed Justin Fields, quarterback for the Chicago Bears, as an ambassador.

The long-term deal indicates the beginning of Reebok’s strategy to rebuild its position in team sports, one that will include further expansion of its athlete roster, a greater presence within sports culture and the introduction of new performance footwear and apparel offerings for the field, court and beyond, the company said. Over the years the brand has had relationships with everyone from Shaquille O’Neal and Allen Iverson to Floyd Mayweather Jr.

As part of the deal with Fields, the athlete will be featured in a variety of digital and social content, and in the spring, he will be the face of the FloatZig 1, Reebok’s new running shoe.

“As a brand with such a unique and rich heritage in sports, we’re thrilled to be returning to our roots, and embark upon a long-term strategy that will have us reclaim our rightful place in the sports world once again,” said Todd Krinsky, Reebok’s chief executive officer. “Justin’s authenticity, high energy and risk-taking mentality as a natural leader on and off the field immediately stood out to us. He exemplifies who we are and how Reebok will show up in sport culture in the years to come — bold and unapologetic. We’re thrilled to welcome Justin to the Reebok family as we shepherd in a new era.”

The partnership includes a charitable component as well. Reebok recently participated in the Justin Fields Youth Camp, a youth football camp for children in the Greater Chicago area. In addition, Reebok has pledged to evolve and expand its Human Rights Now platform, a long-term commitment designed to inspire human rights and human movement for everyone.

Justin Fields for Reebok

The athlete will be the face of the FloatZig 1, Reebok’s new running shoe.

Courtesy of Reebok

In his first two professional seasons, the 24-year-old Fields has been singled out for his speed and energy on the field. He holds the record for single game rushing by a quarterback.

“Reebok holds an incredible legacy in the sports world that has always inspired me,” Fields said. “Not only have they launched iconic offerings with legends like Allen Iverson and Shaq that shaped sports culture in the ‘90s, but they also have the attitude and energy to reshape the future of sport once again. I’m excited to join Reebok and help kick off this next great chapter.”

Reebok is now part of Authentic Brands Group, which purchased the company in March 2022 from Adidas for 2.1 billion euros.

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