Cardi B Admits Offset s Michael Jackson Tattoo Sometimes Kills Their Romantic Vibes 304

Cardi B, Offset.
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Things aren’t poppin’ off in the bedroom for Cardi B and Offset, thanks to the King of Pop.

During Cardi’s appearance on Hot 97’s Ebro In the Morning on Friday, September 8, she discussed how Offset, 31, got some ink that’s been killing the vibe lately. “I really need you to see the Michael Jackson tattoo he got on his stomach. I don’t even want to take it there,” Cardi, 30, said before deciding to take it there. “Because it’s like, y’all really have to see it, because every single time I, like, y’know, it just be looking at me.”

Cardi added a very telling head-nod motion, implying what exactly the inked image of Jackson is “looking at” when she and Offset get intimate. The confession cracked up the crew at Ebro In The Morning, and Cardi swore she was telling the truth. “You gotta see that tattoo. Like, I just … I’m like — ” she said, pausing to show her shock. “The tattoo really be looking at me like, ‘Yeaaaah.’ … I’m not cappin’.”

What prompted this bedroom confession? Cohost Laura Stylez brought up how Offset’s style was reminiscent of the late musician. “He loves Michael Jackson,” said Cardi, before revealing Offset — with whom she shares daughter Kulture, 5, and son Wave, 2 — actually has two MJ tattoos. “He just really loves Michael Jackson. He loves Prince. He loves James Brown.”

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Earlier in the interview, Cardi channeled the “Beat It” singer when discussing her new single, “Bongos,” and her highly anticipated follow-up to 2018’s Invasion of Privacy. When host Ebro asked for details about this sophomore release, Cardi said, “You know what? I was indecisive. I was like, ‘You know what? I should already just start talking about the album,’ because I’m definitely putting it out there soon. But I have to watch it because —” From there, Cardi sang a bit of Rockwell’s “Somebody’s Watching Me,” a song that featured Michael Jackson belting out the hook: “I always feel like / somebody’s watching me.”

Cardi B Admits Offset s Michael Jackson Tattoo Sometimes Kills Their Romantic Vibes 305

Michael Jackson.
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However, Cardi did share that the album isn’t coming out this year. When pressed to commit to a 2024 release date, Cardi once again sang that hook.

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Offset is also keeping an eye on the “Man in the Mirror” after some recent drama. During a July 31 appearance on “Way Up With Angele Yee,” he admitted that he was “really lit” on tequila when he took to Instagram to falsely accuse Cardi of cheating on him. “We’re going back and forth, and I’m like, ‘Watch this,’” he said, admitting that he and his wife were arguing when he whipped out his phone in June to make his public infidelity accusation.

However, all is good between these lovebirds, who’ve been married since 2017. “She got a crazy mouth,” he added, “but I love my wife at the end of the day.”

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