Even before Sia came out and surprised the crowd with a two-song live set for the finale, the Christian Siriano show was a starry, action-packed affair.

VIPs attending the show included Janet Jackson, marking her second time at a Siriano show after last fall’s big debut; Kesha and Avril Lavigne, who chatted throughout; Quinta Brunson; Laverne Cox; Padma Lakshmi; Laura Linney; Rosie Perez; Sarah Hyland, and Alicia Silverstone, 

“I think we both probably consider him our boyfriend,” Linney said, motioning to Perez next to her, of their relationship with the designer. “I think probably every woman here considers Christian their boyfriend. He’s deeply kind and unbelievably talented, and I love that he sees beauty wherever he looks.”

“I just think that when you meet him, it becomes an experience and then it becomes a relationship,” Perez added. “You become friends, you text, you call, you go out to dinner, you hang out, and that’s not normal. He doesn’t have a big ego.”

Siriano was celebrating the 15th anniversary of his brand that afternoon; when asked how they’d celebrated a favorite birthday, Linney deadpanned that she’d “had too many birthdays.”

“Eleven was a good day, I’m going to go with 11,” she said. “There was chocolate cake and some wax lips.”

For Perez, birthdays are the best day of the year.

“Every birthday — it’s my favorite holiday, my birthday,” she said.

While taking in the show, Silverstone sat with her hand on Linney’s knee, both entranced. Hyland, at one particularly fluffy gown, had both hands on her cheeks, nearly in shock.  

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