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Sep 11, 2023

The Plaza Hotel in New York was the chosen venue for Palomo Spain to present its Spring/Summer 2024 collection, titled “Cruising in the Rose Garden,” last Sunday. Within this event, featuring the rose as its icon, the partnership between the Andalusian designer and the Galician fashion brand Bimba y Lola was revealed.

The “Bimba y Palomo” capsule includes pieces of costume jewelry, bags and garments – © Launchmetrics

“Bimba y Palomo” is the title of this capsule collection, which includes dresses, tops, trousers, knitwear sets, as well as a handbag model that reinterprets Bimba y Lola’s ‘Pocket’ design and another in the shape of a rose, with leather petals and stem, bearing the collection’s name.

The alliance between the brand and the creative designer is also materialized in striking jewelry pieces, such as earrings, necklaces, or rings, all incorporating the rose icon in various designs. This transforms the flower into “an element referencing the origin of the union of both names: a passionate, updated, and unmistakable flamenco sentiment that transcends borders,” as stated by the Galician company in a press release.

The items will be available for purchase in October in select stores and on Bimba y Lola’s e-commerce platform. Their launch coincides with the brand’s expansion into the North American market, as indicated by the Galician firm.

“This capsule collection reclaims Bimba y Lola’s heritage by reinterpreting its iconography to create an energetic aesthetic imbued with freshness, creative maturity, and sensuality,” emphasized the brand, with nearly two decades of history. They added, “Palomo wanted to engage with the essence of the house to ensure a coherent and cohesive result, achieved from a unique perspective that recalls the Iberian folkloric heritage.”

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