What’s the top consideration for converting and retaining Gen Z online fashion shoppers? Fit assurance, a new study claims.

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It appears Gen Z is the demographic most prone to size sampling with 48% admitting to buying the same item in more than one size intending to return what doesn’t fit, according to AI platform True Fit.

Research of over 1,000 UK consumers revealed that fit assurance was the defining factor that would make 67% of online Gen Z shoppers more likely to buy fashion items.

Importantly, 50% said they would abandon an apparel purchase if they weren’t certain of sizing and 60% of Gen Z said if they returned an item they would be unlikely to shop with a retailer again.. 

Gen Z are also the UK’s most likely age group to return fashion purchases generally. While the average UK shopper returns around 23% of the fashion items they buy online, Gen Z shoppers returned the highest proportion, sending back 33%.

Gen Z-ers found jeans the most difficult to shop for, with 72% of those polled reporting they have trouble shopping for denim due to size and fit uncertainty, followed by dresses (39%) and footwear (32%).

And the brands finding fitting favour? H&M topped its list of UK Gen Z shoppers’ favourite fitting brands. This was followed by ASOS, New Look, Nike and Zara rounding out the top five.

According to co-founder and COO Jessica Arredondo Murphy, brands need to build in confidence and fit assurance into the buying journeys of younger consumers.

She said: “Gen Z is a strategically important demographic for fashion brands and retailers as their spending power is significant and continues to grow. [It] also has power and influence over other generations because they use technology and social media, which unlike other cohorts they have grown-up with, to share their values, ideas and trends broadly. In short, it’s a consumer segment retailers can’t afford to miss out on.”

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