“The sea was rough, and wind was blowing, but for whatever reason this man was so determined to not lose the cushion that he had the poor captain jump in the water and try to retrieve it, all the while he was circling the area with the gigantic yacht and making the water even rougher than it already was. 

“He was at it for close to an hour, and at some point the poor skipper had trouble staying afloat himself and begged to be let on the boat, all the while the owner was screaming at him to get the cushion. Ultimately, he relented and got the poor guy onboard again and abandoned the cushion, which he obviously had the money to easily replace. 

“That poor skipper nearly drowned because his boss was such a cheapskate he was willing to risk someone else’s life than buy a new cushion. I know it was probably an overpriced cushion but definitely not something that would put a dent in that guy’s wallet.”


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