Canadian activewear brand Lululemon is redefining casual wear with the launch of its first ever ‘Casual Collection’.

Lululemon launches new “Casual Collection”. – Lululemon

Launching Tuesday, the collection features a range of versatile pieces, for both men and women, all meticulously designed to minimize distractions and simplify the art of styling. 

This collection represents a marriage of style, comfort, and quality, and promises to be a game-changer for anyone seeking to complete their everyday wardrobe, with every piece embodying a distinct feeling of comfort and confidence. 

For women, the spotlight shines on key pieces like the A-Line High-Rise Wrap Skirt with its structured, chic silhouette, the Ribbed wool-blend turtleneck, and The Align Short 6”. Other highlighted items include the Hooded Insulated Wrap, and the Lightweight Cinch-waist Jacket. 

Meanwhile, for men, the Relaxed-fit Twill Blazer offers a sleek look suitable for any busy schedule, while the Pique Oversized-fit T-Shirt is an easy-care oversized shirt. For colder days, the Wunder Puff Vest and the Lab Leopard Print Overcoat complete the collection. 

Items are available in a range of colors from basic black to earthy fall hues like dark olive, espresso, ivory, and grey sage.

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