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Sep 14, 2023

The European e-tail market for fashion and beauty was worth €122 billion in 2022, of which €45 billion generated through cross-border purchases. Cross-border Commerce Europe (CCE) has published a ranking of the 250 largest players in these categories, with German e-tailer Zalando coming first in fashion and Czech e-tailer Notino topping the beauty list. 


Fashion players were strongly represented among the top 10 European e-retailers across all sectors. Zalando led the fashion ranking and came second overall in the all-sector ranking. In fashion, it was followed by China’s Shein (which was 6th overall), Lithuania’s Vinted (7th overall), and US e-tailers StockX (8th overall) and Nike (9th overall).

“The fashion sector was stable in 2022, confirming the impact of inflation on fashion consumption. The growing second-hand fashion market, bolstered by C2C resale marketplaces, is promising,” said CCE. “Nearly one-sixth of online fashion sales in 2026 are expected to come from C2C resale platforms. The twin factors of profitability and sustainability are triggering consumers’ interest in second-hand fashion,” added CCE.

Notino, the highest-selling European beauty e-tailer, came 30th in CCE’s all-sector ranking of European e-tailers. Second place in beauty went to Swiss site Oriflame (46th overall), followed by Dermstore from the USA (52nd overall), Avon from the UK (74th overall), and Farmalin from the Netherlands (101st overall).

Europe’s top fashion e-tailers – Cross-border Commerce Europe

In 2022, the fashion and beauty sectors reportedly accounted for 17% of total European e-tail revenue, estimated at €729 billion. This share, according to CCE, is expected to grow to 18% by 2025. Online sales are estimated to account for 22% of total European fashion and beauty sales, a share expected to increase to 28% by 2026. Of the €122 billion revenue generated by fashion and beauty e-tail last year, €15.1 billion came from second-hand products. This figure is expected to reach €21.4 billion in 2026.


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