RMS Beauty is hosting its first pop-up.

The brand, founded in 2009 by makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift, will celebrate the launch of its new Legendary Serum Lipstick at Fellini Coffee in New York’s West Village on Sept. 22.

The takeover will take place from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and will feature custom drinks inspired by the new lip launch — which is the brand’s second lipstick to date — as well as product giftings for the first 50 people in line, “Hey, legend” hats for sale and an onsite artist painting the guests of the café throughout the day.

Though the brand is based in Charleston, S.C., “a lot of people think of us as a New York brand because Rose-Marie was a working makeup artist in New York for so long,” said Elaine Sack, chief strategic officer of RMS Beauty. “We wanted to do something that tied into the launch, brought in the community — it’s just a cool way to romanticize your morning latte run.”

The event will include custom napkins and croissant bags with red detailing — a nod to Swift’s signature red lip — with customer’s names being written on their cups using red lip liner.

“Fellini is sort of the darling of Instagram right now — it’s blowing up and I feel like that’s sort of where we’re at too, where we’re finding success on social media and people are discovering the brand, even though we’ve been around for almost 15 years,” Sack said.

According to data from Stylophane, RMS Beauty gained 48,304 new Instagram followers during the month of July. The brand now counts 468,000 Instagram followers and more than 199,000 followers on TikTok, where a number of how-to videos and chatty tutorials by Swift have gone viral this year.

“We posted one video of Rose-Marie and the feedback was amazing — our TikTok channel just organically went crazy,” Sack said. “We still do a lot of product-focused discovery, but [discovery] has been driven by the anchor of these great pieces of content from Rose-Marie.”

Launching Sept. 26, the Legendary Serum lipstick is a kakadu plum-infused formula meant to offer high color payoff and a lasting tint. The product retails for $35 and comes in eight shades.

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