New York living is highly appealing, but it comes with a price and anyone who has lived in the Big Apple long enough knows to appreciate the excitement of getting away from the hustle and bustle.

However, returning to normal life after vacation isn’t always easy, and this was the starting point for New York-based brand Commission codesigners Dylan Cao and Jin Kay. Their spring collection explored the feelings associated with coming back home after some time off.

“It’s about life after vacation and coming back to reality and unpacking, so things are kind of folded and creased. A lot of our language is almost like a continuation from last season; fall shapes are becoming shorter for spring,” said codesigner Kay during a studio appointment.

So how does a brand that continues to elevate everyday office wear and which revels in sharply tailored silhouettes that are sophisticated and sexy unpack from vacation? Apparently not very well, as pieces had folded, pleated and impressed kind of details mixed with the classic Commission touches on styles such as deconstructed postcard T-shirts to give a folded illusion, deceptively simple off-center collars with sliced proportions, shift jackets (which were introduced last spring) that were cut in the back and pulled in to give a sense of movement when worn.

The brand’s classic logo was inspired by ’80s and ’90s Korean cigarette packaging but the duo continually introduce new graphic versions of the logo, some with sporty touches and some more refined.

Other highlights included a laminated lace dress and the “Rider shirt,” a heavier brown suede Western-inspired overshirt with two exposed slits, a recurring piece for the brand.

Although Cao and Kay’s assortment is minimal in quantity, what they lack in numbers they make up for in interesting silhouettes and eye-captivating details.

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