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Sep 18, 2023

Adidas is opening its first pop-up store in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg on September 16. The concept is designed to appeal to young consumers and offers an exclusive clothing rental service, selected second-hand products, changing collaborations with Berlin creatives and permanent brand partners such as “Pool”.


With the pop-up store “Laundromat”, Adidas is moving away from the well-known fashion districts to Stargarder Strasse 74. The brand is presenting a new concept that was inspired by a laundromat.

The basic idea is to combine innovation and sustainability with proactive integration of local youth and neighbourhood culture, explains Adidas. Spread over 105 square metres, the brand offers a regularly changing assortment of white tiles, metallic facades, eye-catching light and colour elements and special decorative highlights from traditional laundromats.


For the pop-up, the company is following the sustainable approach by extending the life cycle of clothing, by wearing them multiple times and by different consumers. The company deliberately wants to keep a low profile with its own branding and let the product range and local partners take the stage, explains Adidas. Cooperations with Pool and Westend Vintage kick off the opening.  

Pool integrates a clothing rental service and offers access to a handpicked selection of Adidas products and to Pool’s entire range. The Berlin-based founding team of Westend Vintage sells a selection of second-hand products.

In addition to sales and rentals, the Laundromat also serves as a local activation space. The creative space will also be used for events outside opening hours. It will kick off with a pre-opening as part of Berlin Art Week, where artist Thomias Radin will show his curated works. Live art performances and music by DJ Coco Calypso as well as a subsequent exclusive party in the “Theater des Westens” will round off the opening.  

The Adidas Laundromat is open from Tuesday to Saturday at Stargarder Straße 74.

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