LONDONHistoric British retailer Fenwick has launched its first advertising campaign, titled “Quiet No More.”

Targeted at a younger audience, the ads feature images from upcoming photography duo Pablo Estévez and Javier Belloso, as well as Ana Paganini. 

Moody images overlaid with text will be displayed across the U.K., from Edinburgh to Bristol and Birmingham to London, as billboards and wild postings.

An image from Fenwick’s advertising campaign.

Courtesy of Fenwick

“The launch of our first Fenwick brand campaign is a monumental moment for us. As a traditionally discreet brand, this is our time to be quiet no more,” commented Fenwick’s chief marketing officer, Mia Fenwick.

“Our campaign reaches out to a new generation who want to engage with authentic brands, feel seen and welcomed. This is where we are spotlighting all the pioneers — young and old, every age and gender— who embody what Fenwick stands for,” she continued.

Accompanying the campaign is a pop-up shop in the department store, where customers can purchase limited-edition T-shirts printed with the slogans “Quiet No More,” “Unquiet Luxury” and “Wear Something With Volume.” 

An image from Fenwick’s new advertising campaign.

Courtesy of Fenwick

“This campaign concept embraces bold statements that upend the public perception of what Fenwick is or is supposed to represent. We will connect with younger people’s desire to be properly understood, by showing that anything old can be made new again and your style journey starts when you choose to live out loud,” explained Hank Park, creative director at MMBP, the agency responsible for the campaign. 

It comes a little less than a year after the retailer announced it had sold its Bond Street store site and nearby London properties, in favor of funneling 40 million pounds into its flagship in Newcastle, England, where it has had a presence since 1882.

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