Anya Hindmarch’s results are improving and the label’s founder is now in full control of her namesake brand, new filings have shown.

Anya Hindmarch

In fact, the founder of the luxury accessories label has been back in control since the spring when a class A founder share was issued making her “the ultimate controlling party” although the information has only just been filed at Companies House.

Hindmarch has been at the helm of the 37-year-old company since she returned to it four years ago in the CEO role. This came after she stepped back from the leadership role eight years previously.

That said, the Marandi family led by businessman Javad Marandi, retains a stake in the business (which goes under the official name of A.S.H.S. Limited). The family bought a majority stake from Mayhoola in 2019 with the FT reporting that the intention was always to eventually pass control to Hindmarch.

A spokesperson for the family told the business newspaper: “This is part of the long-term plan, implemented since 2019, to appropriately recognise Anya as the founder, creator and leader of the business.” 

The brand has had its ups and downs in the past decade and was heavily loss-making when she returned with the goal of turning around the business.

While it had closed stores previously, she’s opened new locations and sales have been rising in recent periods.

The newly-filed accounts at Companies House show the year to January saw turnover up to £20.5 million from £15.7 million with the operating loss shrinking to £1.4 million from £3.2 million. Gross profit rose to £12.1 million from £9.7 million, while EBITDA was a loss of £0.7 million after a negative £2.7 million the year before, 

While still loss-making, sales are clearly headed in the right direction and retail like-for-like sales surged 51% as like-for-like online sales were up 42%.

As for stores, her most significant opening was 2021’s The Anya Village on London’s upscale Pont Street.

This is “a little village of stores opened to house all the ideas we have had over the years”. It’s “ever-evolving and a place where we pour all of our creative energy and collaborate on the subjects that interest us”.

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