Katie Couric Says Late Bob Saget Ghosted Her After Their 1st Date I Really Liked Him 370

Katie Couric, Bob Saget.
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Katie Couric sat down with Bob Saget’s wife, Kelly Rizzo, and revealed she once went out with the late actor — and never heard back from him for a second date.

“I had a date with him once, as you know. I really liked him,” Couric, 66, told Rizzo on the Tuesday, October 24, episode of her “Next Question With Katie Couric” podcast. “I found him so cute and funny and amusing. And I did think we shared a pretty nice kiss in the foyer of my apartment but…”

Rizzo, 44, interjected that her late husband was a “big fan” of Couric and “adored” her. (Rizzo and Saget were married from 2018 until his death in September 2022.)

“Well not enough to call me again,” Couric quipped. “But that’s OK, because it all worked out. He found the love of his life with you.”

Couric and Rizzo were joined on the podcast by Saget’s former Full House costar and friend John Stamos. Stamos, 60, confessed to Couric that if he was in Saget’s situation, the outcome would not have been the same.

“Katie, if you and I went out instead of you and Bob, we’d probably still be dating,” he joked. “Just don’t tell my wife.”

Stamos went on to tease that between him, Saget and Dave Coulier, he should have been the one to take the journalist out on the date

“Well, you didn’t ask, John. And I don’t think you were available at the time,” Couric replied.

Katie Couric Says Late Bob Saget Ghosted Her After Their 1st Date I Really Liked Him 369

Katie Couric, Bob Saget.
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Stamos remembered discussing Saget’s crush on Couric with his friend back in the day. Stamos revealed that he would give Saget advice on how to woo the journalist

“I think he was intimidated by you,” Stamos shared. “I used to have to Cyrano him. Like I would tell him what to text and what to say, and what to do on these dates. I should have gone back to my texts and seen, because I feel like I was texting him, ‘Don’t blow it. Act smart around Katie. She’s a very intelligent woman, she’s not just beautiful. Be careful, Bob.’ And you guys kissed, right?”

Couric confirmed to Stamos that she and Saget locked lips. “And as Kelly knows, he was a good kisser,” she teased.

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“I know too,” Stamos chimed in. “There are three of us here that have kissed him.”

Rizzo confessed that she knew that Saget and Stamos were close and shared some “cuddles” on and “probably” off camera on multiple occasions.

“We were like an old married couple,” Stamos quipped while earning laughs from Rizzo and Couric. “We didn’t have sex and we argued all the time.”

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