Once you’ve figured out where bed bugs are hiding in your home, Weston told BuzzFeed that the best thing to do is contact a local exterminator for help. “If you suspect bedbugs you should reach out to pest control professionals in your area and schedule a free inspection. Also, it never hurts to have a second opinion from a different pest control professional!”

And in fact, if you try to take care of the problem on your own, it could do more harm than good. In a viral TikTok, Weston advised a user who was trying to rid their home of bed bugs using foggers and other commercially-sold bed bug products that, “All those sprays you’re using, even though they’re labeled for bedbugs, it’s not going to get rid of the bedbugs. All those products are so, so repellent that it’s just flushing them throughout the house. They’re gonna get behind electrical outlets, baseboards, all that kind of stuff trying to get away from that product.” What a nightmare!

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