Lewis Hamilton has a new endeavor: Almave.

It’s a nonalcoholic spirit crafted similarly to tequila, made from blue agave from Jalisco, Mexico. It launches on Thursday at almave.com.

“I’ve always loved tequila for its taste, but there are times when I don’t want the alcohol part of the deal and I know that there is a growing group of people who want the same,” Hamilton, a seven-time Formula 1 champion, told WWD in an exclusive statement.

“It’s what led me to teaming up with Iván and Casa Lumbre, because I knew if anyone could make the drink I was after it would be them,” he continued. “With Almave, we’re all about offering a high-quality option that doesn’t compromise on the craft and flavors of tequila and provides a truly authentic nonalcoholic blue agave experience. We’ve held on to the legacy and tequila-making traditions, but what we’ve come up [with] is a spirit that’s totally unique.”

Almave Ámbar includes notes of roasted blue agave, caramel and toasted wood.

Courtesy of Almave

Iván Saldaña, his business partner and cofounder, is the master distiller at Casa Lumbre, the Mexico-based spirits producer. Almave is the only nonalcoholic product to use the blue agave, according to the company. It’s much like making tequila, but skips the fermentation process where the liquid becomes alcohol.

They offer two nonalcoholic options (at 20 calories per 20-oz. serving): Almave Ámbar, which is designed for sipping, and Almave Blanco, made for mixing. Retailing at $38.99 and $36.99, respectively, for a 700-ml. bottle, Almave plans to enter retailers and bars in the U.S. and in select international markets in 2024.

“I’ve studied agave for many years, so the opportunity to create Almave, a first-of-its-kind distilled blue agave spirit without alcohol, was an exciting endeavor,” said Saldaña. “Together at Casa Lumbre, we developed a unique production method that allowed us to retain the traditional distillation methods used in tequila making, still using blue agave, but we skipped the fermentation step. This resulted in a nonalcoholic spirit unlike anything else on the market. However, it was truly working alongside Lewis Hamilton who shared my passion for this project that made it even more fulfilling. Lewis has always inspired me so when he approached us to work on Almave together, it was an easy ‘yes.’ Only someone with a true passion for innovation and creativity can achieve what he has. It was such a pleasure to bring our collective vision to life.”

Almave Blanco is for mixing, while Almave Ámbar is made to sip.

Courtesy of Almave

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