Pandora has beat some of the world’s most well-known designer brands to claim the top spot for the most-wanted jewellery brand, according to Google search data and analysis from Watch Pilot.


The Danish charm bracelet maker has clocked up 164 million annual internet searches in 2023, beating out Gucciwith 66.9 million annual searches. 

Rounding out the top ten brands for jewellery searches are Dior (52.9 million); Chanel (41.2 million); Swarovski (38.9 million); Vivienne Westwood (31.1 million); Cartier (28.9 million); Arket (10.1 million); Bvlgari (7.2 million) and Mejuri (5.1 million).

The Watch Pilot report also named the Czech Republic as the the most jewellery-obsessed country in the world, with over 23 million searches a year. 

The most-wanted jewellery brand in the Czech Republic is Pandora, followed by Swarovski and Gucci.

Poland was ranked in second place as the country with the highest number of searches for jewellery brands, with over 166,000 searches per 100,000 people. Pandora is also the most-wanted jewellery brand in the country, amassing almost 23.3 million searches alone.

Making up the rest of the top five are the UK, Australia and Luxembourg, receiving over 63.5 million searches combined.

The country searching for jewellery brands the least is South Korea, with just 2,422 searches per 100,000 people and almost 1.3 million searches in total.

By category, the world’s most wanted jewellery piece is the Van Cleef & Arpels bracelet, with 4.9 million searches in 2023 alone, and the most popular handbag is the Dior saddle, with 2.6 million searches for the most coveted accessory.

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