The Charles Jeffrey Loverboy label is known for its unorthodox approach to, well, just about everything, and its latest launch and campaign continues this tradition.

Charles Jeffrey Loverboy

It’s a footwear campaign linked to the launch of Moccasin Moggies, undeniably distinctive shoes featuring metal ‘cat’s claws’ at the front.

The company said of the shoes: “Watch out, these Moccasin Moggies leave quite a scratch! Trust Loverboy to put the classic slip-on loafer in touch with its wild side. Crafted in Italy from leather and featuring fearsome claw detailing, nobody will mess with you in these.”

The campaign is called Not For and features quirky visuals focused on the shoes themselves. There’s also an equally quirky video in which the claws manage to slice a football in half.

That explains the ‘Not For’ element as in these shoes are not for football, not for foot fetishes and not for more activities.

Charles Jeffrey is a Scottish designer based in London whose collection is now carried in over 90 stores internationally.

The company has been growing its business this year and in 2022 announced that it was moving from two collections a year to four, the label launching its first-ever pre-spring offer for 2024 in May.

The collection itself is an offbeat one that’s called Statant Passant Rampant and “reinterprets the colourful visual language of mediaeval Britain”.

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