Balenciaga is set to launch its first skiwear collection on November 15.

Balenciaga launches skiwear collection. – Balenciaga

The luxury fashion house will offer a range of technically advanced ready-to-wear, accessories, equipment, and gear that combine cutting-edge materials with signature Balenciaga style.

For the first time ever, Balenciaga is introducing functional athletic gear such as snowboards, skis, helmets, and poles tailored for downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, or hiking.

On the apparel side, the collection showcases parkas and cargo pants made from membrane-bonded technical ripstop with integrated snow gaiters, ventilation systems, battery-saving pockets, and ski pass holders, ensuring wearers stay comfortable and prepared on the slopes. 

In keeping with the house’s classic silhouettes, the collection also includes jackets and vests in quilted matte nylon, five-pocket ski pants in bonded stretch nylon, and close-fitting fleece jackets. 

Technical ready-to-wear items include waterproof fleece-lined jeans in blue stretch denim. For added convenience, they offer a pole-attachable Ski Backpack and a Ski Belt bag, each equipped with lined, scratch-free pockets for goggles, and made from water-repellant recycled nylon.

Most pieces are available in classic black, grey, or red, with thermal layers in black, including hoodies and long-sleeved half-zip tops in heavy molleton, fluffy knits, fisherman-ribbed wool, and mink-style faux fur.

For accessories, padded gloves made from durable ripstop can be securely attached to jacket sleeves, and a ribbed knit beanie with foldable sunglass lenses adds a touch of luxury to the slopes. Additionally, there is a selection of cold weather-specific leggings, socks, facemasks, gloves, and scarves in various shapes and materials, all adorned with a sporty, reflective Balenciaga logo. 

Completing the collection are two footwear options. The Alaska Boot reinterprets the typical arctic shoe, giving it oversized proportions and a distinct stylistic edge. Meanwhile, the 3XL Ski Sneaker is a snow-capable version of the original 3XL, designed to withstand the harsh winter elements.

To mark the launch of the Balenciaga skiwear collection, the brand will launch a campaign. Looking ahead, pop-up stores and window installations will also be set up.

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