PARIS – Chanel Beauty has appointed Nadège Winter to the role of director of ideation and creative influence strategies.

The role is within the influence and brand engagement department of Chanel Beauty, based in Paris.

Winter spent the last 15 years working as an independent consultant and entrepreneur.

A year-and-a-half ago, Chanel redefined its ambition concerning influence and brand engagement.

“In an industry undergoing substantial growth and transformation, the goal of establishing a dedicated influence and trend engagement team is to introduce and amplify new dimensions to the longterm vision of fragrance and beauty by imbuing it with even more meaning and a positive, unique ethos,” Blandine Velin, international head of influence and brand engagement at Chanel, said in a statement posted on Winter’s LinkedIn page.

“The aim of this new unit is to spearhead Chanel fragrance and beauty influences, not only interpreting their dynamics, but more critically anticipating them, shaping them and accelerating them by infiltrating new tribes, generating new conversations, forging new alliances and infusing our influential belief system,” Velin continued.

She created a new organizational pillar, led by Winter, who began at Chanel in early September. She is now in charge of leading the ideation and creative intelligence strategies team.

“Nadège has been appointed to infuse a fresh perspective into this newly created role,” said Velin. “Her responsibilities will include impulsing, ideating and crafting strategic concepts for major upcoming influence programs. These programs will be aimed at enriching our brand’s resonance with the culture and world today.”

Winter is also to create, lead and grow an “influence council,” with internal and external partners globally.

She reports to Velin and works closely with Chanel’s influence and brand engagement management team, plus all of the division’s teams, the artistic department, corporate teams and regions.

Prior, Winter crafted communications for luxury, fashion and cosmetics brands. She established a creative influence strategy agency in New York, where she lived for four years.

Before that, she led Calvin Klein’s brand experience, after seven years heading up communications for Colette, the Paris concept store. Winter had been director of communications for Le Palais de Tokyo then created, a digital platform, media outlet and collaborative community network.

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