Denise Richards Discourages Sami Sheen From Getting Breast Implants 725

Denise Richards.
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Denise Richards is opening up about her feelings towards her daughter, Sami Sheen, wanting breast implants.

“I’m trying to talk her out of it because, and the reason why I’m getting them out, is I didn’t know how toxic [they are] when I was 19,” Richards, 52, told Bustle. “And it’s not an easy surgery. It’s painful!”

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum, who’s planning on removing her own breast implants, got hers done at the same age as her daughter, 19, whom she shares with ex-husband Charlie Sheen. (The two, who called it quits in 2006, also share daughter Lola, 18.) “I was made fun of as a teenager [because my boobs] were mosquito bites,” she said.

For Sami, who has been instructed to quit vaping before getting her D-cup breast implants, plastic surgery has been on her wish list for years. “I was 10 years old and like, ‘I can’t wait to have big boobs like my mom.’ All my friends were getting boobs, and I was just like, ‘OK, when’s it my turn?’ I would always stuff my bra with socks and stuff,” she said.

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Sami has made a name for herself as a model on OnlyFans, a subscription-based website where creators share NSFW content. Fans are charged $19.99 per month to access all of her posts.

At first, Sheen, 58, told Us Weekly that he wasn’t involved in this career decision. “This did not occur under my roof,” he told Us at the time. “I do not condone this but since I’m unable to prevent it, I urged her to keep it classy, creative and not sacrifice her integrity.”

Denise Richards Discourages Sami Sheen From Getting Breast Implants 723

Sami Sheen.
Courtesy of Sami Sheen/Instagram

Since this statement, the Two and a Half Men alum told Bustle that he has changed his stance. “I had a knee-jerk reaction to it because of the reputation that preceded it. I was just like, ‘Oh, this can only go bad,’” he explained. “That flies in the face of my approach to things normally, but I think when your child is involved, it presents as just a whole different alternative set of circumstances.”

He continued: “She’s doing this and it can only be a much more successful and pleasant experience with the support of myself, her mom, and others. I have to have confidence and just know in my heart that all of her virtues and all the wonderfulness that makes her, her, come with her. I believe her to be incorruptible.”

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Richards, for her part, wasn’t totally on board with her daughter’s career at first either. But now, she’s changed her tune — and has even launched her own channel.

In July 2022, Richards explained her decision to support Sami to Us. “My parents were always supportive of my career and they didn’t judge me for decisions I made when I was working and starting out as an actress,” she said. “I think it’s important — no matter what my daughters do — to support them, no matter what. I want them to feel empowered and [to be] empowering them … and that’s something that I think is really important and something that I will always support.”

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