Beginnings keep us on our toes; they are exciting and make us feel alive, but the eagerness to enjoy and learn sometimes fades as time goes by. This is not the case with Habey Club’s designing duo Javier Zunzunegui and David Salvador, whose spring collection, titled May and released during 080 Barcelona Fashion Week, displayed a new maturity.

A sense of serene sophistication was evident in the construction of their pieces. Uncommon proportions were achieved with abrupt hemlines on denim minis, suspenders, and unfastened belts, and a sense of ease was achieved not by adding more meters of fabric or making things “comfortable,” but in the use of stretched and crumpled fabrics that gave the appearance that garments were hanging from clothespins.

Recycled denim was the star of a laser-printed maxi dress depicting a view from the top of a building that conveyed a sense of vertigo.The models walked over puddles and carried bags like packages under their arms, some of which were “splattered” with drops of water. The duo summarized it as “a collection with a constant yet calm pace, with moments of pause just to catch your breath.” The usual savoir faire of Habey Club looked elevated this season, a quality that comes with experience.

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