The Swedish Fashion Council (SFC) announced on Thursday the lineup for the upcoming edition of SFC Fashion X Stockholm, set to take place November 7-11, 2023. 

SFC Fashion X Stockholm reveals 2023 line-up. – The Swedish Fashion Council

The five-day event is dedicated to showcasing brands with a disruptive vision and those spearheading the transformation of the fashion industry. It serves as a platform for these brands to push boundaries, experiment with new ideas, and innovate their business models.

The event will feature SFC Incubator brands such as All-In, Avavav, Feben, Hodakova, Louis Abel, Petra Fagerström, Rave Review, and Tuttolente. These brands will host various experiences throughout Stockholm and its close suburbs, including fashion showcases, presentations, exhibitions, screenings, performances, and more.

The event will include a round table discussion with industry representatives, including the United Nations Alliance for Sustainable Fashion, McKinsey, Eriksson, and Polestar, focusing on the topic of transformation. 

Several experiences will be available to the public like SFC Fashion X Talks and After Party, which features a partnership with Dazed hosted at Värmeverket. Moreover, the event will introduce the SFC Repair Studio in collaboration with Swedish design and repairing studio Main Nué hosted at Polestar, and the SFC Gift Shop hosted at the contemporary store Ettresex, offering exclusive items for sale from the SFC Incubator.

The event also coincides with the release of the second edition of SFC’s Fashion Transformation Report, offering valuable insights and updated figures on the Swedish fashion industry.

Jennie Rosén, CEO of the Swedish Fashion Council said: ”With SFC Fashion X Stockholm, we want to explore new innovative formats and ways of experiencing fashion beyond the traditional fashion week model. For the fashion industry to evolve, we need to look at new business models and collaboration methods with innovation and creativity in mind. Our aim is to promote disruptive players and those leading the transformation of the fashion industry while positioning Sweden on the global stage.”

Since 2018, SFC has shifted its focus from hosting Stockholm Fashion Week to addressing the changes and challenges facing the fashion industry and the necessary actions to address them. The inaugural event took place in November 2022 and now occurs once a year in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden.

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