New data from Ethos Aesthetics & Wellness reveals New York is the most beauty-obsessed state in terms of Google searches, drawing an average of 3,620 beauty-related searches per 100,000 residents each month.

New York also has the highest search levels for 79 beauty-related terms, including “vegan makeup,” “lip gloss,” “best blush” and “face oils.” Colorado and California take the second and third spots, respectively, while Mississippi, which draws just 1,729 monthly beauty-related Google searches per 100,000 people, ranks in last place among the 50 states.

Here, the top 10 states by average monthly beauty-related Google searches per 100,000 residents, plus some of their most common beauty inquiries.

  1. New York: 3,620
    • Key terms: “vegan makeup,” “lip gloss,” “best blush,” “face oils”
  2. Colorado: 3,482
  3. California: 3,454
  4. New Jersey: 3,292
  5. Virginia: 3,207
  6. Nevada: 3,198
    • “color corrector makeup”
  7. Utah: 3,089
    • “best long hairstyles for men,” “best false eyelashes”
  8. Hawaii: 3,071
  9. Maryland: 3,058
  10. Oregon: 3,049
    • “best skin exfoliator,” “face SPF moisturizer”

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