Model Indira Scott was one of the 50,000 people who laced up their running shoes this morning and ran the 26.2 miles of the New York City Marathon. 

“This is my first marathon,” Scott said Saturday morning, right after she had finished a day-before run. “Earlier this year, I went to the Voices Gala and learned more about Brotherhood Sister Sol and all the amazing initiatives they are doing in the community. It would have really changed my life if I had something like that growing up, so I wanted to know how I could help fundraise—that’s when they told me about the marathon.” 

Scott’s been training since the summer. On Friday night, she went out for a bit of fun and “a lot of sweets,” then paid the price for this morning. “When I eat sugar or certain heavier foods, I find it really hard to have a good run,” she said with a grimace. Because of that, she’s sticking to a strict meal plan for the rest of the day to make sure she has the proper foundation to make it through the race. 

Next up in her day, a trip to Javits Center to get her race day bib, a “light salad with eggs as a protein,” then a little bit of wellness to get her in the right headspace. 

“At the spa I’ll be doing the sauna, steam bath, massage, cold plunge—literally you name it, I am going to do it. I just want to treat my body right so I don’t feel like I’m pushing myself too much tomorrow. It’s about preparation and treating myself well.”

Dinner plays into that, too, of course. “For my last supper, it’s all about balance,” Scott said. “The vibe needs to be easy though, so I’m thinking classic like salmon with white rice and spinach. It’s a good balance of vegetables, proteins, carbs.”

“I’ve never been a runner and I’m not into that kind of competition,” Scott added. “But because it’s raising awareness for Brotherhood Sister Sol, I’m just so excited to do it.”

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