Maxwell Osborne has been building anOnlyChild around the idea of home. If he approached the concept esoterically in the past, for spring the designer started with a simple and familiar question: “How do you chill on a Sunday?”

In an ideal world, Sundays are reserved for quiet time. Prepping for the week ahead usually involves a dose of nothingness, a little stillness. But Sundays are also a day for an errand or two, catching up with friends, or maybe taking a walk. The hope is to relax, and it should all start with what we put on our bodies. So, how do you dress to chill on a Sunday?

“You wake up, you’re getting ready to go to brunch, maybe stay at home, you’re wearing a version of what you wore on Saturday but it’s not the same, it’s Sunday,” said Osborne at his studio. All paths here led to the idea of ease, and Osborne paved each with sets: Whether tailored, sporty, or loungy, every wardrobe staple the designer explored was presented with a partner. The shirring detailing he introduced out the gate turned up again, as did his double pleats on trousers and generous, bulbous proportions.

Featuring more prominently this season was Osborne’s jeans. AnOnlyChild launched a denim capsule this past summer at an outdoor market/party hybrid that included a live lookbook shoot of the new styles. Each piece is hand washed, dyed in Brooklyn, and made of deadstock denim, and their appeal is in their proportions. The former Public School and DKNY designer has always known his way around cutting a good-looking pair of pants.

Another anOnlyChild signature that starred here was Osborne’s short-sleeved suits. “I almost stopped doing them because everyone did this season,” he said. It’s a good thing he didn’t. Osborne’s vision for our Sundays is inviting and cozy, but he’s at his best when he’s designing for the work week. His tailoring offers the kind of sharpness you’ll want to start your Monday with.

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