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Nov 10, 2023

Launched in 1967, Baby Dior’s line of clothing and items for infants quickly expanded to include a signature fragrance and skincare essentials. It is against this fragrance backdrop that Baby Dior revitalizes its olfactory narrative, unveiling ‘Bonne Etoile’ just a few weeks before the year-end festivities—a scented water accompanied by a line of skincare products designed for children.

The Bonne Etoile skincare range and fragrance by Baby Dior – DR

“As the artistic director of Baby Dior collections since 2012, Cordélia de Castellane envisioned a new olfactory trail for Baby Dior. Francis Kurkdjian brought this vision to life with Bonne Étoile,” narrated the brand in a heartfelt statement.

The creative director of the brand’s perfumes crafted a range of scents featuring notes of pear, wild rose, and musk. Formulated with no alcohol, the fragrances boast a composition rich in 98% naturally derived ingredients, available in an 100ml bottle priced at 255 euros. This aromatic tale extends into a skincare line, encompassing three additional products, also formulated with 95% to 99% naturally sourced ingredients: “La Mousse Très Fondante” (a gentle cleanser priced at 85 euros for 350 ml), “Le Lait Très Tendre” (a moisturizer priced at 105 euros), and “L’Eau Très Fraîche” (a cleanser priced at 85 euros).

This pastel-colored range features a specially created toile de Jouy by Cordelia de Castellane. The visuals evoke “the imaginary and whimsical garden of Granville, adorned with a delicate menagerie enlivened by colorful hot air balloons,” detailed the brand.

To acquire the ‘Bonne Etoile’ fragrance, which comes in a bottle crowned with a Celadon green or pink cap, along with the skincare products, interested customers are invited to join the waiting list accessible on the brand’s e-shop.

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