Some hair is so memorable that it’s disappearance causes a global stir. Harry Styles has one such mane. So, when the pop star showed up at tonight’s U2 concert at the Las Vegas Sphere sporting a fresh buzz cut in the place of his usual pushed-back brunette, the focus was pulled from Bono and placed on Styles’s new ‘do. 

In a white t-shirt and on the arm of girlfriend Taylor Russell, Styles’s look was decidedly casual, his shaved head teaming with his pared-down apparel for a moment almost antithetical to his Love on Tour aesthetic. 

After all, Styles’s coiffure was part of a bigger picture, an aspect of the Alessandro-influenced vibe he’s enjoyed for the last few years. (I’m trying to imagine a printed, rhinestoned polo or cardigan, or even a boa, paired with this buzz cut; it does work…) So, does this buzz mark the start of a (perhaps relaxed) reinvention? If so, the shift should come as no surprise—pop stars are nothing if not keep-them-guessing chameleons. 

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