In 2023, social platforms became even more conversation-heavy.

Meta continued its prioritization of Instagram Reels over static photos and unveiled a Twitter-rival app, Threads, in July; TikTok formally rolled out its Shop integration to the U.S., which brands say long-form, explanatory videos are most favorable for, and Lemon8, ByteDance’s Pinterest-meets-Instagram hybrid app, saw a surge in momentum as legislative efforts to restrict access to TikTok ramped up.

The way users talk about beauty, too, in these spaces has become more conversational — down to the way trends are named.

Light-blue summertime manicures donned by Sofia Richie and Sabrina Carpenter were soon dubbed “blueberry milk nails”; beauty creator Rachel Rigler coined the term “latte makeup” while filming a neutral-toned makeup tutorial (TikTok videos tagged with #LatteMakeup have now garnered more than 447 million views) and Hailey Bieber teased her Krispy Creme Rhode collaboration with a “strawberry girl makeup” tutorial in August.

“I attribute many of those colloquial names, especially the food references, to the conversation factor that’s happening around beauty; it gives an easy and relatable visual for nearly anyone to understand — not just someone who’s well-versed within the beauty industry,” said Kendall Becker, director of fashion and media strategy at Trendalytics, noting the fast-moving phenomenon has caused more “drastic spikes” within the trend cycle.

Holistic hair health, too, continued its rise this year, with “scalp facials” going viral and believed at-home hair growth boosters like castor oil and scalp brushes seeing increased search interest versus years prior.

The natural deodorant movement went a step further, too, with a niche group of consumers turning to crystal stick “salt deodorants” as an alternative to natural roll-ons. Also still niche — but rising — are searches for refillables across beauty categories, while interest in skin barrier health has fueled a subsequent moment for Japanese skin care.

Trendalytics’ top three beauty trend stories for 2023, along with the search increase rates of key components comprising each one, versus the year prior.

  1. “It” Manicures
    • Blueberry milk nails: + 5,511 percent
    • Barbie nails: +583 percent
    • Cherry mocha nail polish: +552 percent
    • Russian manicure: +217 percent
    • Micro French manicure: +195 percent
  2. Strand Strength
    • Castor oil: +108 percent
    • Massage brush: +107 percent
    • Cooling hair mask: +92 percent
    • Peptide shampoo: +86 percent
    • Scalp facial: +68 percent
  3. Conscious Consumption
    • Salt deodorant: +315 percent
    • Refillable cosmetics: +252 percent
    • Rosemary oil: +161 percent
    • Eco-friendly packaging: +126 percent
    • Japanese skin care: +89 percent

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