This Thursday evening in Los Angeles, the Maison Kitsuné team invited friends and family to celebrate the opening of its 27th Café Kitsuné worldwide, at 3814 Sunset Boulevard, in Silver Lake. A long-awaited opening, delayed for administrative reasons, brings the number of cafés in North America to four, with Manhattan, Brooklyn and Vancouver. 

Café Kitsuné has just opened in Silver Lake, Los Angeles

Situated next door to the Maison Kitsuné boutique, the 700-square-foot space was designed by Kitsuné’s in-house architecture and design studio, led by Kuroki. Behind a red tile façade, the café opens onto a series of paintings signed by Californian artist Jeffrey Sincich and a 14′ x 6′ mural. Signature materials are found in white oak table and brushed stainless-steel counters.
Sincich presents the café as an old-school market, selling everyday products from milk and produce to house keys.

“I wanted the signage on the mural to be relatable and welcoming,” said Sincich.

‘Paris’ appears along the storefront window, while the address above the doors reads ‘2002’, the year Kitsuné was founded. 
To provide a top-notch sound experience for customers, Café Kitsuné tapped Japanese heritage audio-brand, Rotel. A partnership launched in 2022 with the integration of Rotel products at Café Kitsuné’s first and only hi-fi cocktail bar in Brooklyn.

Inside Café Kitsuné Los Angeles

On the menu at the new Café Kitsuné, customers can order the Café Kitsuné signature blend locally roasted in New York City, and an assortment of specialty coffee drinks unique to the location as the Höjicha cream cold crew and the chocolate made by French chocolatier, Valrhona and Matcha crème latte made using crème fraiche and served iced. Rounding out the menu are teas, sweet pastries, and a selection of natural wines and beer. 
A number of snacks are also served, including the Parisian Baguette, with ham, comté and butter, its version with a Japanese twist using kimchi and spam musubi croissant and selections of sweets including fox-shaped sable cookie developed with LA-native and French-trained chef Sharon Wang of Sugarbloom Bakery.
For the opening of Café Kitsuné in Los Angeles, Café Kitsuné partnered with LA-based jewelry and accessories brand, Beepy Bella, on a special capsule collection consisting of a handcrafted glass blown ring, fox-themed pendant necklace and hat. In addition, the Café Kitsuné’s collection of ready-to-wear, accessories and tableware will be available for purchase, including hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts, caps, tote bags, keyrings and ballpoint pens. 

Café Kitsuné at Sunset boulevard, Los Angeles

Two years ago, plans to open Café Kitsuné in Los Angeles caused a minor controversy, as the café was located directly opposite a small Japanese restaurant of the same name, and had no connection whatsoever with the ready-to-wear brand. Maison Kitsuné and its founders Gildas Loaëc and Masaya Kuroki finally succeeded in convincing the first Kitsuné restaurant to change its name to Kombi.
Today, Maison Kitsuné operated 35 stores and 27 cafés across the world. In 2019, Café Kitsuné has also extended its activities to new business lines, adding roasteries, bars and restaurants to its range.

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