Tiffany & Co. has once again collaborated with American artist Daniel Arsham, this time a partnership with the iconic Pokémon Company.

“My latest collaboration with Tiffany & Co. is a combination of pop culture, fine jewelry and art,” Arsham shared. “Pokémon has had an immense presence ever since I was a child, and this capsule collection celebrates the influence Pokémon has had in my work and my long-standing partnership with a heritage brand like Tiffany & Co. Both are inextricable from the cultural footprint of the past, present and future.”

The Tiffany & Arsham Studio & Pokémon capsule collection uses his “Future Relics” aesthetic — where he reimagines everyday objects as archaeological discoveries from an imagined future — with nine jewelry designs highlighting six iconic Pokémon: Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle, Jigglypuff, Cubone or Mew.

The capsule collection feature an oxidized sterling silver pendant with diamond accents highlighting each Pokémon, inspired by the highly collectable nature of the Pokémon brand. Playing on Pikachu’s iconic yellow color, two different size iterations of necklaces, one in small and the other in a larger pendant size, are available in 18-karat yellow gold with diamond accents. Designs are packaged in a Tiffany & Arsham Studio & Pokémon Blue Box, while a Tiffany Blue Poké Ball houses the gold Pikachu pendants.

“With my latest project with Tiffany, we’ve recontextualized Pokémon — a nod to my 2022 A Ripple in Timeproject in Tokyo — to orchestrate a new narrative,” said Daniel Arsham. “With Pokémon and Tiffany, itself, there’s a sense of cultural permanence about each.”

The limited-edition capsule collection retails from $1,290 to $29,000 starting Dec. 1 at the Tiffany & Co. Landmark in New York, Omotesando store in Tokyo and in North America and Japan.

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