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Nov 14, 2023

As anticipated by a week ago, Italian fashion group Liu Jo has announced the creation of Liu Jo Uomo S.r.l., a joint-venture company dedicated to menswear. The new company incorporates the manufacturing and commercialisation business of Liu Jo’s men’s collections handled by S.r.l., the company that since 2012 has been the licensee of Liu Jo’s menswear line.

Liu Jo Uomo is the Liu Jo group’s new joint-venture company dedicated to menswear

The Liu Jo group holds a 51% stake in Liu Jo Uomo, while Co.Ca.Ma. holds the remaining 49%. Giuseppe Nardello, Co.Ca.Ma.’s founder, is the new company’s CEO.
“The creation of Liu Jo Uomo is a significant milestone for our group. We not only intend to consolidate Liu Jo’s menswear business, but also to boost its synergies with the label’s other collections,” said Marco Marchi, the Liu Jo group’s president and CEO. “In recent years, Liu Jo’s [menswear] has recorded extremely positive results. The new company will still rely on [Co.Ca.Ma.’s] Neapolitan menswear culture and excellence, boosting it with Liu Jo’s commercial expertise and robust financials. A combination that heralds top-notch results. This is an ambitious project rooted in two decades of entrepreneurial collaboration, and I am convinced it has all the prerequisites to replicate the success of Liu Jo’s womenswear,” added Marchi.

“This operation is the crowning achievement of the positive journey we have so far enjoyed with [Liu Jo’s] menswear. The strategy behind it was developed many years ago, and is based on menswear collections featuring versatile products suited to multiple occasions, in a contemporary reinterpretation of Italy’s iconic menswear style. A vision that remains successful today,” said Nardelli.

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