Clean, fresh, minimal… there’s a reason why some of the world’s chicest women swear by a slicked back hairstyle. Extremely versatile, slicked back hair looks as good with an off-duty outfit as it does a glamorous gown. Not to mention the fact that adopting the style is a great hack on those days when your locks are in dire need of a wash. Simply add oil, styling cream or gel, brush it back, and you’re good to go for one more day.

Fans of the slick look include Lori Harvey, Tracee Ellis Ross and, of course, the Richie sisters, and the Kardashian Jenners, who nail the look–no flyaways in sight–every time. One of the family’s go-to hairstylists, Jen Atkin, previously revealed her secret to the style, recommending using a barber’s brush to comb through the hair effectively and ensure it was “super flat.” “I always do it when hair is wet, instead of wasting time drying it,” she said. “I suggest mixing the Ouai Matte Pomade with an oil and applying that to your hair.”

Whether you pull hair back into a ponytail, finish with a sculptural knot, or plait it, there are a number of chic up-dos that look especially good when the hair is slicked back. It’s a great style to experiment with during party season. After global searches for different slicked back hairstyles climbed by 250 percent over the past month, Vogue brings you some of our favorites.

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