New York-based statement-wear brand Wili is stepping into the realm of luxury fashion with a debut collection.

Wili launches debut luxury collection. – Wili

The collection, now live on, offers bold colors and eye-catching silhouettes reflecting founder and creative director Kaitlin Peña’s vision of merging runway excitement with the streets. The debut collection showcases a range of pieces that seamlessly combine comfort and elegance, with prices starting at $450. 

The collection places a strong emphasis on premium fabrics and meticulous craftsmanship, staying true to Wili’s commitment to infusing elevated artistry into everyday wear. The brand’s identity is further accentuated by a dedication to ethical and sustainable manufacturing practices.

Peña discovered a passion for creating pieces that strike a balance between comfort and sophistication and soon received admiration, prompting the birth of the brand.

“With this collection, and really Wili as a whole, we reimagine what everyday wear means. I’m inspired by color and eye-catching silhouettes, but I’m also picky about how my clothes feel,” said Peña.

“This collection takes closet staples and fuses them with character. Fashion should be empowering for everyone involved, which is why our pieces are made ethically here in New York, and we’ve sourced sustainable fabric from some of the top mills in Europe.”

Wili was named after Peña’s family with the ‘Wi’ paying homage to Peña’s father, who instilled in her a love for sewing, while the ‘Li’ represents her mother, who fueled her passion for fashion.

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