Rosalía never misses an opportunity to make a stylized beauty statement—and this evening was no exception. For the Latin Grammy Awards in Seville, Spain, the pop star opted to turn heads with the help of brows on a new generation of fleek, each feathered and segmented to artful effect.

Patricia J. Garcinuno

The look, by Ariel Tejada, was something of a hybrid, the subversive vibe of an eyebrow slit and modish appeal of a ‘60s separated and spidery lash line combined—and then offered a subtle ombré finish for good measure. The choice played off the nominee’s sheer black Balenciaga gown, each brow cleverly mirroring the a swath of beaded lace. A cascade of raven waves finished the look, the balance of noir romance (aided by long sleeves and demure a boat neck) and fresh-faced cool ideal for the occasion. Looking for a way to punk up your no-makeup makeup this season? Take a cue from Rosalía and let your brows be your creative canvas. 

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