It comes with a small-dice blade, large-dice blade, spiral blade, and ribbon blade that are interchangeable and gives you the option to chop, slice, and julienne vegetables. Plus, you get a lid with a built-in chop and a storage container to hold the veggies.

Fullstar is a small business established in 2017 that specializes in kitchen gadgets.

Promising review: “I’ve had this for a couple of months now, and it makes my life SOOOOO much easier. Anything I’ve thrown at it, it’s sliced with ease. Tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, onions, celery, carrots…EASY! I even use to chop the eggs when I make potato salad now since it’s so easy and makes perfect slices.

What used to take me three to four mins chopping up an onion and then a face full of ruined makeup, now takes less than one minute and no makeup ruined. The blades are SHARP, definitely be careful when removing them. But the lock on the tray makes it easy and so far I haven’t hurt myself with it. Typically, I’ll use it and then rinse out the top and put it in the dishwasher. It’s been through on the top rack well over 20 times now and still looks brand new. If something ever happens to this one, I’ll be back to get another one. It saves me so much time when cooking dinner!” —Macygrey09

Get it from Amazon for $24.99+ (available in three sizes and three colors).

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